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Zurich and Berlin, Here I Come!

Great news today, everyone! I am headed to Europe this summer!

Last semester, after some intense reflection, I realized that one of the main things I wanted to achieve before I graduate from SAIC was to join one of their study abroad trips. To bring this dream into reality, I applied for a travel scholarship through my school, and just received the good news!

I was selected as one of ten students to receive a SAIC Travel Scholarship. I applied to a two-week program that starts in Zurich, Switzerland, and ends in Berlin, Germany. In my time abroad, I plan to broaden my fashion tastes and sensibilities, explore queer art and theory through a European lens, and follow the geographical journey of Dada. The trip will culminate in an exhibition in Berlin of the work that I and my peers produce.

Stay tuned this summer for more updates. Also, feel free to email me with any advice for studying and traveling abroad - the more the merrier!