Connor Fenwick
Visual Artist & Photographer


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Summer Abroad

This summer, I had the opportunity to pursue one of my life-long dreams - to travel abroad! When I first started studying at SAIC, one of the first goals that I set for myself was to join a study trip hosted by the school. Thus, when I was granted a travel scholarship to go to Switzerland and Germany, I was overjoyed with the possibilities that lay before me. The study trip, from start to finish, did not disappoint!

One of the first things I came to value with my experience abroad was my new-found self-awareness. In the Spring semester prior to this trip, I was working two jobs, taking four academic courses, and focusing my time on an internship. Now that I was finished with many of my commitments, I could refocus my energy on exploring and being curious about my new surroundings. It was totally liberating. I was in a new land with a supportive, charismatic community of artists, and I kept finding the time to reflect on my thoughts and experiences. I’ve never been able to keep a consistent journal, but while I was traveling, I found myself naturally jotting down notes, thoughts, and observations about my experience. This increased awareness of self has made a large contribution to my writing practice. 

Additionally, although I often characterize myself as an independent individual, this study trip taught me the importance of community and taking on a role within a community. During our trip, we met with many people, all of whom shared greatly with us. By the time I returned to America, I found that my faith in humanity was restored.

Over the course of the study trip, I took several photographs of the people and places that we visited. The process of photography can be slow and meditative - I found that by taking photographs, I could focus on my new surroundings, and closely study whatever I was most curious about. I have posted some of these photographs below for you to explore at your leisure. 

Travel Photographs


Exhibition Photographs